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Elf Name Generator

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How to generate Elf Names?

Follow the below steps to generate the best Elf Name for your characters.

  1. On above select the Gender of your choice (male or female or both).
  2. Click On the above or below Generate Button to randomly generate 20 Elf Name.
  3. Wait for one second to load all the name
  4. Click On 'Copy' Button to copy the name in clipboard.
  5. Or click on the '☆' Button to saved favourite name.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the Elf Name result again follow the above steps till then you get your favourite Elf Name.

Best Elf name generator

Originating from Germanic mythology and folklore, elves are supernatural beings.

There are many different traditions surrounding elf names like all elves carry a family name, which is a mix of many different names.

Names and titles are also given on the basis of the achievements won during battles which are then replaced with their parent’s names.

Elves are categorized into half-elves, wood elves, dark elves among others.

Choosing the right elf name could be a time-consuming process.

There are some rules like; names that ends in “ael” and “une” are used for gender-neutral names.

If you are looking for the right name, here are some names that you can include in your choice.

Here are some girl names.

  • Aerin: This is a cool Elvish that is adopted from the Tolkien name book. It is a modified form of the name Erin and the meaning of the word in being the ‘ocean’
  • Alfred: This is a simple elvish name that has its roots in the English language and this unique name simply means counsel
  • Alma: This Elvish name that means the ‘maiden garland with good fortune’
  • Anna: This comes from the Quenya language and is a good, sweet, and short name for baby girls and the meaning is being ‘a gift’
  • Aredhel: This is an unusual and unique sounding Elvish name, this also comes to form the Quenya language and the simple meaning is ‘the noblewoman’
  • Calen: This unique name is derived from the Sindarin language and bears the meaning ‘a green one’
  • Elanor: This is an uncommon and very good Elvish girl name which is derived from the Sindarin Language and means ‘sun star’ or simply the ‘sun’
  • Elbereth: This comes from the Sindarin language that means the ‘star queen’
  • Estel: This short and sweet name and also comes from the Sindarin language and the meaning is ‘trust’ and ‘hope’
  • Freda: This name comes from the German name Frida and means tranquility or peace.
  • Galadriel: This mighty Elvish also comes from the Sindarin language with the meaning ‘maiden with radiant hear’ or ‘one with glittering hair’
  • Haleth: This unique and uncommon name origins comes from the Sindarin language and simply means the ‘exalted one’
  • Idril: This Sindarin version of the Quenya name Itarilde has the meaning ‘sparkling brilliance’
  • Luthies: This word has the meaning ‘daughter of flowers’

Here are some male names

  • Aldon: This Elvish name in the Quenya language means a tree and it is a good substitute for Eldon or Alton
  • Aragon: This mIghty Elvish name means the ‘respect name or ‘noble’
  • Arod: This beautiful name comes from different Elvish culture and means being ‘brown’ or ‘swift’
  • Bailey: this Elvish name comes from the Middle English name baili meaning judge.
  • Balin: This strong name means ‘a knight at the round table’ and is rooted in the Elvish culture and is a very unique name in itself.
  • Baron: This name is rooted in the Sindarin language with the meaning ‘home or house’
  • Callon: This appealing and rare name derives from the Sindarin culture and is defined as the ‘the hero’.
  • Cirdan: This powerful Elvish name means ‘shipwright’
  • Elladan: Derived from the name of the som of Elrond or the Middle-Earth and the simple meaning is ‘an elf man’
  • Elrand: This Elvish Tolkein name has the strength of a man included in it and is a very rare and unique name.
  • Frodo: This is an excellent name and means that ‘one who is very wise’
  • Gildor: This unique name simply means the ‘one who is the creator of happiness or joy.
  • Iston: This name coming from the Quenya language and this unique Elvish name means the ‘wise one’
  • Lindir: this sweet and adorable Elvish name comes from the Sindarin culture and means ‘a fair singer’
  • Peregrin: This Elvish name comes from the Latin word ‘Peregrinus’ and means a ‘traveler’
  • Poldo: This unique and rare Elvish name, comes from the Quenya and means ‘one who is strong and big’
  • Rohan: The word Rohan is a name from the Sindarin language that means ‘horse kingdom’ or ‘horse country’
  • Samwise: This name is derived from the Sindarin language that means ‘one who is loyal’ and can be nicknamed Sam.

Dark Elf names

Considered to be more aggressive and brutal than the other 3 civilizations the Dark elfs gained widespread popularity after releasing the Lord of the Rings and are considered the counterpart of the Elf clan.

Dark elves usually were merciless in wars and battles and therefore has a harsher sounding name than the other elves.

Dark female elves name

  • Alaunarra: This powerful female Dark Elf name means “queen of lighting” or a “powerful person”
  • Brizylene: This Elvish name means ‘a graceful handmaiden’
  • Elynea: This is one of the most powerful and beautiful Elvish names and has the reference to Elynea Norvayn, a Dunmer Warrior
  • G’elinil: This dark elf name means ‘a spider lady’
  • Lymrysn: This excellent name means an immortal sorcerer.
  • Rhylintra: This beautiful Elvish name means this is ‘the messenger of the moon’

Male Dark Elf Names

  • Beldun: This popular Elf name signifies a burning fire or flame.
  • Devase: Derived from the name Deva, meaning God, it is derived from Devas Seri, a fictional person from the Temple of Tribunal.
  • Erevan: This is a variant of the name Yerevan and is a synonym for a town in Armenia.
  • Trevyn: This is a nickname for the abbreviation for Trevelyan and means a ‘fair town’

Wood elf names

Wood elves are usually more quick-footed and nimble characters and they have a better sense of smell, touch, and feeling.

Male Wood Elf Names

  • Aldon: Comes from the Polish word ‘a tree’
  • Arod: It is a Hebrew word that has the meaning ‘swift natured’
  • Baron: The English word means “ a knight at the round table”
  • Callon: This Irish word bears the meaning ‘a hero’
  • Elladan: This word origins from the Middle English word meaning “ an elf man”
  • Greenrose: This has Chinese origin and means fertility

Female Wood Elf Names

  • Aerin: This Gaelic word bears the meaning the ‘ocean’
  • Alfreda: Coming from the English word meaning ‘counsel’
  • Elva: This word comes from the old English word meaning “a friend”
  • Eowyn: This old English word means a “horse-joy”